The teen is doing better, but his sister says the bruising on

The teen is doing better, but his sister says the bruising on

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Canada Goose on Sale A 15 year old autistic boy, said the 15 year old sister.Monday night, the Wichita woman struggles to make sense of an attack on her 15 year old brother, which left her feeling helpless.The teen is doing better, but his sister says the bruising on his ears, left by the jumper cables, still remains.far as my mother, she feels protected now that he locked up, but she is a little worried that he might get out on bond and stuff, she said.For now, the family says they keep a close eye on the teen.want justice to be serviced and also justice from the man upstairs when the time comes, can do anything. You Canada Goose Sale feel canada goose outlet discriminated from all the stuff he was saying. Just helpless and really really enraged is I guess all I can say, said the Wichita woman.Police say the suspect made comments that he was robbed by the 15 year old boy friends Canada Goose on Sale.