„It is abundantly clear to me that had Brent Quinn lived

„It is abundantly clear to me that had Brent Quinn lived

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canada goose store District Attorney Jon David said Officer Schwenk was justified in a deadly shooting last December. (Source: WECT)The SBI has cleared a Leland cop in connection to a deadly officer involved shooting in December, District Attorney Jon David announced during a news conference Wednesday.David said Officer Jacob Schwenk was justified when he used deadly force to shoot and kill Brent Quinn, 43, during an armed confrontation on Bridgeport Way in the Windsor Park community on Dec. 9.”It is abundantly clear to me that had Brent Quinn lived, he would have been the only one charged with any criminal offense that night Canada Goose Outlet, to include the attempted murder of Officer Schwenk,” David explained.Assistant District Attorney Quintin McGee said the incident began when Quinn got into a verbal dispute with his girlfriend and left his residence in a white Kia sedan. canada goose store

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