Christine Tettman, parking program manager for the city, said

Christine Tettman, parking program manager for the city, said

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Replica Bags SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileIf your leisurely lunch goes a little long or you’re having too much fun like it shopping and you’re about to exceed your two hours of free parking in uptown Waterloo lots, soon there will be no need to fret.Waterloo has Replica Hermes Belts partnered with Honk Mobile to allow people to pay for extra parking time using an app on their phone.Starting Sept. 1, visitors to uptown Waterloo can pay $2.75 an hour through the app after their free two hours expires.Christine Tettman, parking program manager for the city, said council and the business improvement area both asked staff to think of ways to make it easier for people to stay in uptown longer.”They were looking for something that would allow patrons to extend their time Replica Hermes Belts by a little and enjoy a little bit more of what uptown Waterloo has to offer,” Tettman said.Honk Mobile can be used to pay for parking in uptown Waterloo lots starting Sept. 1.After you’ve parked, you can add money by entering the zone you’re in. Replica Bags

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